Working wonders with fire and smoke

West Coast Smoke House

When heat says hello to amino acids and natural sugars, they get along famously. This is exactly what happens at West Coast Smoke House near Darling where doringhout is king and diners have a bird’s eye view of what happens to their meat. In the land of the almighty braai, fire plus meat equals mealtime.

Although The Smoke House offers the traditional combo platters with 590 gm of the finest proteins, the most popular orders are rarer finds. A hefty 300 gm of lamb ribs infused with a paprika, garlic and coriander rub has the makings of a cult classic. Similarly, the pork ribs are crisped, magnificently sauced with raw honey and charred – giving way to fat that melts away to the soft meat below.

Who among the traditionalists can resist West Coast Skilpadjies? For those not in the know, this is traditional South African lamb’s liver wrapped in netvet. All the dishes are partnered by double-fried chips and homemade cranberry coleslaw for a burst of acidity.

The smoker gets involved in cooking most things, including vegetarian dishes such as a thrilling plate of smoked veg and mash, or coal-roasted brinjals.

Even dessert gets the meticulous smoke treatment with sprightly apples and marshmallows giving off a bright, smoky tang to knock you sideways.

Booking essential: Sat, Sun & public holidays 11h00 – 15h00; WAP 081 7237236; Living Colour, Wolwefontein, Darling.