Wizardry on a plate

Draaihoek Restaurant

The vivacious cooking at Draaihoek Restaurant near Elands Bay somehow makes the day look brighter. Whether you dine in the restaurant, on the terrace or beach, you’ll find that the ambrosial flavours and snappy service do more than justice to the sun-washed beach views.

For lunch, the prawn tagliatelle pasta – smothered in the creamiest seafood sauce – will have you beaming. Another satisfying choice is the black mussels sautéed in a supremely velvety coconut milk with basmati rice on the side.

To get the dinner juices flowing, try snails drenched in a finger-licking blue cheese sauce and lovingly cupped in a crisp phyllo pastry. More magic comes in the form of asparagus enriched in a rather unusual cheese, bacon and onion sauce with thinly sliced toast side by side.

There’s much happening on the mains front too: with a tip of the hat to northern Italy, a creamy mushroom and pearl barley risotto takes you far beyond comfort food. But particularly appealing is the glossy lamb shank – braised tenderly in a roasted tomato, aubergine and onion sauce, with mashed potatoes for company.

And how can you go wrong with the delightfully spongy, caramelised goodness of malva pudding for dessert? The end result is a meal to ooh and aah about.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner daily 8h00 – 22h00; ph 022 9521170, R27, Elands Bay