Unexpected pleasures

The Famous Rendezvous Pork Ribs

Serving uncomplicated platefuls of good stuff, Rendezvous Restaurant in Porterville is a solid choice for a stop-over meal. Backed by effervescent service from Liam and Lindy van Schalkwyk and staff, it’s in fact so agreeable that you may just want to stay over.

Old-world charm graces the interior while bird song in the giant wild prune (Pappea capensis) entertains at the cool dining patio.

Acing the normal breakfast fare is the eye-widening Bull of Porterville which packs a wallop with steak, boerewors, relish, cheese grillers, mushrooms and chips added to the normal bacon, eggs and toast.

But it wouldn’t be fair to start the lunch mains description with anything other than the Famous Rendezvous Pork Ribs – from 400 gm to 1 kg. With this, they push the envelope and deservedly, social media platforms are awash with accolades. Marinated and coated in their brisk signature R Sauce, it arrives glossy, rich and extremely well made. They don’t skimp on the chips and onion rings either: golden, soft inside, but oh-so-crunchy.

In the Chicken Stacker, two generous grilled chicken fillets envelop crispy bacon, caramelised onions and ruby-red stuffed peppadews – all capped with a lovely puddle of creamed spinach and a heaped salad alongside.

For other palates there are burgers, schnitzels, pizzas and combos. But the last hurrah goes to the frothy lightness of Rendezvous’ superb baked cheesecake – perfected over 11 years. Or how about the merciful death of an explosive Chocolate Volcano?

Open: Mon – Sat 8 – 21h00; 36 Voortrekker St, Porterville; 072 1027745