The wild, wild West

Kersbosstrand, West Coast
Take a walk on the wild side in Kersbosstrand

Sweeping sand for mile upon desolate mile, whispering waves and a treasure trove of shells – that’s Kersbosstrand. Its vast, empty beaches stretch for 40 km towards Elands Bay – and on any given day, you might not see a single soul along the shore line.

The village, an extension of Dwarskersbos, is really about the quiet beach life, which is why there isn’t that much to say. Suffice it to say that even though Laaiplek and Langebaan are only 10 and 53 km away respectively, you feel as if you’re in the middle of nowhere. And that’s a good space to be in for a dose of solitude.

Quite a number of homes are permanent residences, but the majority are holiday homes. Residents relish the reef-free bay with its calm waters and relatively mild south-easter. This is probably why dolphins and whales delight in frolicking here too.

Photo: Nadya Brand