Time to smell the orchids


A day surrounded by flowers must surely count as one of pure happiness. Every year, on the first Saturday from May to November, Duckitt Nurseries opens its doors to the public. Here, 3 km south of Darling, from 9h00 until noon, you can gaze at the beautiful orchid and cut flower varieties such as Cymbidium, Ansellia, Cattleya alliance and Oncidium Alliance.

The nursery, which was established in 1979, constantly breeds and imports new varieties to accommodate the preferences of an ever-changing global flower market.

As one of the most diverse flowers, what sets orchids apart are their fragrance and delicate splendour. Love, beauty and luxury are the common symbols used for orchids. A less well-known fact is that their medicinal properties were lauded in some of the oldest Chinese pharmaceutical texts and during the Middle Ages they were used for herbal remedies and love potions.

Entrance to Duckitt Nurseries is free and visitors may also buy plants and flowers in the packshed. The three hours will pass in a jiffy and you’re then welcome to sit down to free coffee and tea, accompanied by Duckitt’s famous Presby pancakes. Believe me, it’s worth taking the trip for this alone!

For enquiries phone 022 4922606 or visit https://www.darlingorchids.com to buy online.