Take it slow

Darling Brew

Named after the rare geometric tortoise, Darling Brew’s Slow Beer is just the answer for hot summer days. This lager offers a classic balance of flavour, crispness and smooth drinkability that few other beers can match.

Brewed using bottom fermenting yeasts which work more slowly and less vigorously than those used to produce other beers, the result is a bright and golden body with a creamy head when poured. It refreshes with a real hops flavour and rounds off flowery and bready with a kick of mild bitterness and a touch of caramel. Best served cold but not so cold that the flavour is destroyed.

When it comes to pairing, you can’t go wrong with delicately herbed chicken, shellfish, a selection of fine fromage, salmon and lemon-based desserts. But don’t forget that lagers also make the perfect bed partner for hand-held street food – especially hot dogs.

An acclaimed South African craft beer brand, Darling Brew is recognised as Africa’s first carbon-neutral brewery and it has notched up many awards over the years. Its cavernous interactive tasting room with ample outdoor seating is a stunner! So, gather the crowd for a jolly fine outing to enjoy prime beers, country hospitality and food thrills.

Open: Mon – Sat 8 – 17h00, Sun 9 – 17h00; 48 Caledon St, Darling; 076 0928313; shop@darlingbrew.co.za