Swirl, sniff & sip this beaut

Ormonde Grenache wine tasting

Fresh, fruity, age-worthy or deep, Grenache has always been a bit of a chameleon. However, the Grenache from Ormonde Private Cellar in Darling will knock your socks off.

The first giveaway of things to come is its vibrant crimson colour. Spicy perfume and fruity aromas titillate the nose with notes of raspberry and wet gravel, as well as a kiss of smoke. Elegant in style with juicy red raspberry on the palate and impressive purity, this wine is delightful served chilled on a sunny day. But make no mistake, Grenache is equally appealing on a chilly winter’s eve.

It’s a winner with flavourful Indian lamb curry served on fragrant rice and a side serving of old-fashioned stewed quinces. Other good food pals are braises and stews; slow-cooked roasts of pork or lamb; goulash; mild curries; veggie bakes and lentil- or bean-based dishes.

Situated on the rugged Darling hills along an ancient granite intrusion contour, Ormonde is an award-winning winery run by Theo Basson. Taste the estate’s liquid delights al fresco in the verdant garden with a seriously good charcuterie and cheese platter. Or up the experience a notch to a pâté and wine pairing.

Wine tastings: R50 pp for either the heritage tasting (3 wines), or the standard tasting (8 wines); pâté & wine pairing R150 pp; Mon – Sat 9h00-16h00; Mount Pleasant St, Darling, ph 082 8392956.