Succulent seduction

Kokerboom Nursery in Vanrhynsdorp

With a succulent diversity that’s hard to beat, Kokerboom Nursery in Vanrhynsdorp is a sensational destination. Be warned though: many specimens appeal to the I-gotta-have-one mentality of the incurable plant lover. And as the name suggests, quiver trees are a specialty.

Spend a few leisurely hours browsing the ranges: Liliaceae with its aloes, gasterias and haworthias; Ficoideae with its mesembryanthemums whose dainty shimmering colour brilliance isn’t equalled by any other genus throughout the world; Barleria rotundifolia with its butter-yellow blooms; many and varied euphorbias; boatloads of crassulas, rocheas and cotyledons; the malodorous stapelias, huernias, hoodias and trichocaulons; plus Geraniaceae, Compositae and Portulacaceae. Not forgetting the tiny tots: Oldman Humpfigs, Tuber Milkballs, Shark Beaks, Living Stones and other precious dwarf succulents.

Run by the knowledgeable Danie Wiese, his father Buys established the nursery when the Cape Town/Namibia N7 road was built and thousands of precious plants faced destruction. Many were relocated to Kokerboom Nursery, which now cultivates its own plants, concentrating on seed harvesting. Staff members give expert advice and arrange courier services for purchases, along with the necessary plant permits.

Resuscitate at the pleasant onsite restaurant, which also sells local produce and vintage ware.

74 Voortrekker Street; 027 2191062; Hours: Mon-Fri 8h00-13h00; Sat & Sun closed; Aug & Sept Mon – Sun 8h00-17h00.