Something to waffle about

Belgian waffles
With savoury and sweet fluffy pieces of heaven on offer at Waffle Wharf/Whale’s Rib, prepare yourselves for indulgence of grand proportions.

Set prettily on the Paternoster Waterfront with the swoon of the demure-blue ocean staring you down, the restaurant is a natural crowd-pleaser. Inside, it’s all polished wood with gigantic whale ribs around the bar area.

The Wharf Breakfast is a substantial Belgian waffle heaving with frothy scrambled eggs, the salty burst of crisp streaky bacon and beef sausage, while mushrooms look on eagerly. But high-fives go to the Harbour Master which slaps you awake with fried banana, bacon and velvety cream cheese punched up with maple syrup.

Seven lunch mains are equally tempting. There’s chicken à la king which was given the slow treatment with companions of green peppers and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Banana and chutney lovingly embrace the lamb curry and bobotie waffles. And the zucchini option has the bite of onions and peppers with an acidic hit of tomatoes.

Fourteen dessert choices up the ante to a whole new level. Waffles baked to crispness with choc chips or Turkish Delight. Or caramelised apple, Bar One, Oreo, caramel fudge, red velvet and lemon meringue waffles. All served with two generous ice cream mounds. Now which one of these don’t do it for you?

Guaranteed, you’ll walk out of here with a jump in your step.

Open daily, ph 084 6023145