Shoot, for art’s sake

The art of photography

Photography is the quickest, most exact tool ever invented to record our lives. It’s also the most accessible way of making art – ever. Moving or still, the photographic image is a successor to the great art of the past. But to truly capture the flux and drama of life, you have to hone your skills.

At a weekend workshop, master photographer Craig Fouché will show you the methodology, creativity and techniques to capture seriously on-point seascapes – come rain or shine. From golden light skimming off rocks and waves, long exposures of shifting seas and clouds, thunderous waves in all their glory, the mysterious dawn and the rising of the milky way with its 400 billion suns.

Also learn to shoot on Nikon film cameras with Ilford black-and-white film, and to develop the film yourself. Having refined your eye with Craig’s techniques, you’ll be able to use the camera’s artistic riches to practise photographic art.

Scheduled for 25 – 27 February 2022, the workshop venue is at Wamakersvlei near Dwarskersbos – a premier photographic destination. Beginners, intermediate and advanced students are all welcome; but do book soon, because capacity is limited to six. The cost of R6 500 pp includes accommodation and meals, plus you’re bound to have the time of your life.

Contact Craig Fouché: 082 8041689,