Sassy brews

Nieuw Brew craft beer

As South African drinkers continue to swill a range of flavours and styles in craft-brewed beer, one thing is clear: craft beer has become decidedly sexy. In fact, craft beer’s blend of retro authenticity and bold experimentalism speak loud and clear to the trendsetter demographic.

The good news is that a while ago, the West Coast ale landscape was enriched with four quirky brews. Harnessing the sweet-tasting Cederberg Mountain water – colloquially known as soetwater – the Nieuwoudt family of Kromrivier started brewing their Nieuw Brew range in 2013. Managed by brewer Tania Nieuwoudt, the brew spawned Catfish Ale, Sandfish Weiss, Chubbyhead Stout and Galaxias Blonde.

In the summery Catfish Ale, hops-derived fruitiness with a toffee undertone dominates. Enjoy with pub grub and burgers. Another summer hit is the zesty Sandfish Weiss: light and crisp with banana and citrus aromas. Pair with soups, salads, Asian dishes, cheeses and snoek.

Guinness lovers will be bowled over by the light-bodied Chubbyhead Stout: rich in flavour with hints of toasty chocolate and a caramel aftertaste. Sip it alongside roasted or smoked foods, lamb stews and chocolate desserts. Finally, the malty Galaxias Blonde ale has tropical fruit aromas with a light bitterness. It’s great-tasting with curries, bobotie, salads, chicken and salmon.

Bottoms up!

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