Ooh la la!


After dusty Sandveld travels, entering the Vensterklip oasis is a sight for sore eyes. Stepping from the car, the merry cacophony from thousands of wild garden birds shouts a hard-to-beat welcome.

Jane Louw and her team provide loads of very edible reasons for visiting the Tin Kitchen on this farm near Elands Bay. Set in and around a 300-year-old barn, it offers thoughtful dishes and wide smiles.

One of the breakfast choices is an outrageous chilli con carne on a platform of farm-fresh toast, topped with smiling poached eggs and a tangy crème fraiche.

Lunch hors d’oeuvres are a West-Mex affair. West Coast ceviche has a taste of seaside briskness with raw yellowtail snapping at the heels of a crunchy lime/coriander-flavoured green salad and a soupçon of pomegranate seeds. On the Mexican side, tacos served with plump refried Sandveld heerbone either have the wholesome bite of aubergine, slaw and avo or pulled pork, fiery chipotle and slaw.

Next, there’s the ruggedly good spiced lamb rib studded with vibrant chimichurri, while a winking baked potato and creamy butternut patiently beckon alongside. And oh gosh, a huge yellowtail fillet glows with a piquant tomato and coriander dressing.

To finish, the Mexican flan with bright grilled pineapple discs, a smidgen of caramel and whorls of whipped vanilla yoghurt adds even more cheer. Then it’s time to linger in the happy Tin Kitchen space.

Where: R366, Elands Bay; open Fri – Sun: 9h00 –15h00; ph 079 5003335.