Tronkvoël Vodka

From a Cosmopolitan to a Moscow Mule, there’s a skyscraper of vodka cocktails beckoning. All thanks to the new order of flavour profiles in hooch.

As one of the oldest spirits around, the world’s first written mention of the word wódka was in Polish documents in 1405 – as a medicine, mind you. Historically it was drunk neat and freezer-chilled. But today it reigns as the perfect mixer to give cocktails a buzz. And interestingly, vodka is less likely than other spirits to produce a hangover (though no less likely to intoxicate) because of its low level of fuselols and congeners.

Gone are the days of vodka being a drab, flavourless spirit. A prime example is Tronkvoël Vodka (translated as jail bird) by West Coast Distillers. Born during lockdown, it has flown the coop and stands tall on the West Coast craft distillery scene. All thanks to partners Shaun Bebington and Shane Smith who are the powerhouse duo knocking out alcoholic delights from their idyllic premises in Langebaan.

Given the bucolic base, freshness is a character which runs rich through the distillery’s offering. And this freshness shines in Tronkvoël Vodka with its buttery profile. Enjoy on the rocks or with tonic and a slice of lemon.

Unsurprisingly, Tronkvoël Naartjie is laden with buttery citrus flavours, thus providing an unusual, but quality base for a martini.

And take note: the distillery’s tasting experience is quite the rave.


Order online:; or visit Unit 1, Bay Centre, Industrie St, Langebaan, 071 2102862.