Nature unplugged

Grotto Bay, West Coast
Raw and rugged, Grotto Bay’s beauty hasn’t been rearranged by the hand of man.

Being entirely non-commercial is part of the magnetism of Grotto. Windswept beaches and craggy rocks hug a profusion of fynbos, while the ocean’s flotsam and jetsam complete the free margin of nature’s art.

About 28 km from Melkbos on the R27, the 685-hectare Grotto Bay Coastal and Nature Reserve is part of the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve, proclaimed by UNESCO in 2000. Only 60 hectare of the reserve has been allocated for a small security estate. However, the modern houses overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean and Table Mountain on a good day don’t detract from the area’s unspoilt appeal and unhurried air.

Kilometres of coastline are there for hiking. Bird watching is a delight and creatures great and small abound: steenbok, rock hyraxes, tortoises, duiker and grysbok, as well as regal ostriches strolling the beach. The observant also may chance upon the treasures of secret domestic disposal sites which were used by the Khoisan people hundreds of years ago.

In addition to some good fishing, Grotto is a popular crayfish diving spot. But in the end, its pull lies in the medicine of nature.