Making waves

Adele Grosse at work

A St Helena Bay mother turns her zeal for underwater photography into a flourishing business.

Bursting into life with a dazzling colour pop of pinks, purples and blues pied by yellows, Adéle Grosse’s underwater photos have found a home in the vibrant Studio Sea Love décor range.

She explained that she’d always loved swimming. “However, in 2016 I took to the ocean in earnest after my son Luca was diagnosed with leukaemia. Seeing that I had to keep him away from people, the sea was the safest place for his exercise. As he continued with chemotherapy, we spent more and more time snorkelling. Focusing on resilience in capitals, the ocean became my private prayer room.

“Then when lockdown started last year, the underwater photography and videography bug bit. Luckily, being isolated in St Helena Bay meant I could still follow my passion safely.”

So it came to be that Adéle brought the sea’s jewels into people’s lives via social media. “The response was so enthusiastic that it got me thinking. And the result was the Studio Sea Love online décor range, with a fashion collection in the pipeline.”

In making the items, she’s a firm follower of going local. From printers to CMTs, all are small family-owned businesses.

The USP of the range isn’t only the fact that the ocean’s bounty shines through in the products, but each item has a QR code. When scanned, the owner is directed to Studio Sea Love’s YouTube channel to watch video footage of the dive that produced the image.

Finding the light

Things weren’t always sunshine and roses in her life. Years ago, Adéle struggled with mental wellness, but had the gumption to write a self-help programme – for the sake of her children. She said, “The premise is to live better when experiencing darkness in a relationship or situation. Balance it out by finding the light when making a choice on what to do, say or how to react. To summarise: it all starts with ME.”

By sharing the success of It Starts with Me on a Facebook page, word spread and she began teaching the programme globally. To date, she’s trained more than 350 social workers, psychologists and educators. And soon, with the opening up of borders and Luca (now aged 17) in remission, she’ll resume this training.

Adéle swims every day (minus a wetsuit in the icy Atlantic!). But these days the splash is made bigger with several enthusiasts joining her for the therapy of a daily dip.

Favourite armchair sport is tennis and athletics
My pet place on the West Coast is my home in Shelley Point
Best restaurant is Koekemakranka coffee shop in Paternoster
I love eating aubergine and sushi
My signature drinks are pink G&T and Sauvignon Blanc
Best reads are Lucinda Riley novels

Contact:; WAP 083 6588733