Holiday hazards

Holiday hazards for pets

Of course pets deserve good summer hols, but beware of the many good-time perils. First up, it may be tempting to give your dog those party leftovers, but this may cause gastrointestinal upset, or worse, pancreatitis. Pets aren’t used to the high fat foods commonly used for picnics and parties. Mayonnaise and other dairy-based items are particularly bad. And the fat from chops and gammon shouts pancreatitis.

Because dogs aren’t able to dissipate heat, always exercise them when it’s cool. Remember to provide shade and enough water.

Water activities are dog heaven, but tragedy can strike in the blink of an eye. Ease up on playing fetch in the water. Older dogs weaken more quickly, which means keeping their heads above water becomes increasingly difficult.

Don’t use fireworks near pets. Ever! If there are fireworks in your area, keep pets indoors.

When fishing, remember that dogs go bananas for bait and may swallow it along with the hook and line. Heaven forbid, but if this does happen, don’t pull the line. Tie it to his collar to prevent him swallowing more of the line and contact your vet urgently.