Gotta try this Savvy B

Kookfontein Sauvignon Blanc

Lambert’s Bay is known for its bright, refreshing Sauvignon Blancs that sport firm acidity. All thanks to its dry limestone soils and the cool ocean breezes that temper the sun’s scorching rays.

A star player of the region is the Kookfontein Sauvignon Blanc. It’s crazy balanced, elegant and round in the mouth, while flavours of guava, passion fruit and gooseberry explode on the aftertaste. The palate has a nice, peppy acidity with a chalky minerality for balance.

Green and flinty wines such as this make a fine aperitif, so it doesn’t really need food to be enjoyed. However, it also offers some fine pairings. Drink alongside similarly acidic dishes, such as pickled fish and vegetables, or tomato-based dishes, matching like for like. Alternatively, use as a contrast to cut through creamy or buttery sauces.

Lighter fish dishes and shellfish are obvious pairings, while oysters make for an absolutely classic combination. Think also of zingy goat’s cheese, as well as green salads, with or without vinaigrette.

Kookfontein won the South African Gold Medal for Best Young Wine in the Olifants River Region in 2012. Since then, their wine continues to improve with every harvest.

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