Good brews, bru

Paternoster Brewery Pilsner

Instead of getting tanked on the latest trendy IPA, visit Paternoster Brewery which cranks out some serious craft beers. Making the visit all the more worthwhile is the fact that the brewery boasts location, location, location.

Their pale gold Pilsner is pleasantly bitter, earthy, slightly sweet, hoppy and aromatic with a clean and soft malt backbone. As for pairing it, you’ll do well with vegetables such as zucchini, asparagus and beetroot, plus fatty cheese to help soften the beer’s bitterness. An even better taste sensation is fish ‘n’ chips or the delicate sweetness of shellfish or haddock.

There’s no better highly carbonated drink than Weiss. Not to mention that it gives you a wonderfully fluffy mouthfeel. This brewery’s robust, light-gold Weiss has complex notes of cloves, banana and bubble-gum. Incredibly versatile, it goes with any food, as long as you don’t mind the accompanying banana and clove flavours. Chicken, sole or salads work well, as do spicier meals such as Indian dishes.

Yes, apiology is the bee’s knees! As is the full-bodied, dark-hued Honey Porter beer with its balanced and robust finish. Caramel lingers on the palate and it has notes of roasted grains, chocolate, toffee and of course, honey. Extremely approachable, no matter the season. Best enjoyed with Swiss cheese, choccies and nuts on the side.

Open Tue – Sun, 9h00 – 18h00; 2 Seemeeu Crescent, Pelgrimsrest, Paternoster; 063 9523383.