Fountain of beauty

Atlantic Gull West Coast Strandfontein

Your eyes will thank you when you chance upon scenic Strandfontein.

The notion of postcard-perfect seaside villages has inspired many centuries of travellers to comb the coast seeking secluded hamlets. Strandfontein is one of these hidden gems.

With the name literally meaning ‘beach spring’, the San and Khoisan used to journey here to collect fresh fountain water. Lying close to the Olifants River mouth, Strandfontein is sandwiched by Doringbaai in the south and Papendorp in the north. It has two restaurants and a shop.

Good fishing spots, a caravan park with a sea view, a lovely tidal pool, a super-tube, pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs for whale watching and 4×4 dune trails all combine to make this village of 431 residents the perfect holiday getaway.

From July to September the surrounding veld is covered with a spectacular array of wild flowers. And the Wandering Whale Labyrinth, just south of the town on a clifftop, is quite exceptional – with its blue mussel shell paths and pink rose quartz centres symbolising hope. Built by Suzanne du Plessis, this place for meditation is an inner five-circuit Chartes labyrinth based on the one built at France’s Chartes Cathedral in 1200 AD.

Reaching Strandfontein requires extra effort, yet the reward is splendid.

Photo: Henlo du Toit