File under ‘Great’

Roestyd restaurant in Lambert's Bay

It’s easy to fall in love with Roestyd. Perched on Lambert’s Bay harbour, it’s a space for chilling. Hence the name, which means just that in Afrikaans.

Charismatic owner Durr Ferreira and his eager staff go all out to make diners’ experience unforgettable. Helped along by captivating food and some pretty stand-out cocktails, it’s a winning recipe.

Get stuck into prawn and corn cigars for a start. Crispy fried spring rolls filled with prawn cutlets and corn off the cob are served with a vigorous sweet chilli sauce. Then there’s the intriguing cream cheese balls. Crispy bacon and cranberry bits mixed with melt-in-the-mouth cream cheese and rolled in crushed pecans for crunch absolutely does it in terms of ‘ooh’.

Pride of place on the extensive mains list goes to all the blackboard fish offerings – always freshly caught. From cob to yellowtail and snoek: grilled or fried pitch-perfect. As for the fresh West Coast rock lobster in a striking creamy sauce: sucking every last juicy morsel from the claws, tail, body and legs is absolutely mandatory.

Meat lovers, don’t fear. Roestyd delivers on this front too. Cooked slowly, a sturdy pork knuckle goes hand in hand with mustard, pickled beetroot, sweet potato and mash. Another well-liked main is an engrossing green bean stew with slow-braised lamb. And there’s a plethora of choice in steaks and burgers.

Open Mon – Fri 10 – 10, Sat 9 – 10, Sun 9 – 5; 6 Strand St; ph 064 8069526