Be an angel

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Greek philosopher Aristotle said that the essence of life was ‘To serve others and do good’. If recent research is any indication, serving others also might be the essence of well-being, boosting mental health by reducing stress, combatting depression and providing a sense of purpose.

Consider this: by scheduling time for altruism, you’ll give much more than a crumb of comfort to others. You’ll be driving change.

Volunteering doesn’t require a long-term commitment. Nor does it need to take huge time chunks out of your day. So why not spend a few hours a week helping at Fallen Angels Pet Rescue in Melkbosstrand? Focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals, this organisation also helps healing their broken souls.

There are many ways to help: cleaning, feeding, washing, loving and cuddling dogs and cats. Other duties are socialising pets, walking dogs and playing with cats. Anything to give these unfortunate creatures a semblance of happiness.

Better yet, offer to foster a pet. Or organise a fundraiser for the organisation – think fun dog show, tea party, cake or jumble sale.

There’s something gratifying about volunteering at rescue shelters. All it requires is a little dedication and a whole lotta love.

Sign up: Fallen Angels, Portion 25/19 of Kleine Zoute Rivier 1063, Melkbosstrand;; 084 4820290 or Shireen on 076 9939670.