A place of silence

In Koringberg the volume knob on life has been turned down. The silence is so pervasive that even birdsong seems deafening.

This wheat and sheep farming village – 15 km from Moorreesburg off the N7 – was originally called Warren’s Camp. Having had its roots in the church, the old Dutch Reformed church has pride of place in the centre of the village.

Beautiful weekend retreats have sprung up in the village and the Koringberg mountain bike trail is slowly putting the village on the map. This guided bike tour starts with an easy and fast jeep track and then jolts you into the hard climb ahead. At the end, you’re rewarded with a breathtaking panorama. But, be warned, for the descent you need hair on your chest.

For the not-so-brave, there’s an invigorating 5 km hiking trail to the top of the Koringberg Mountain where you can see Table Mountain on a good day, as well as the Cederberg and Winterhoek Mountains in the distance.

But nothing surpasses the tranquillity and sense of peace in Koringberg. It just feels like home.