This will make you smile


We can all do with some joy. And it’s precisely what you’ll get when visiting Cup of Cake in Saldanha Bay. It represents innovation in the coffee shop world that’s a far cry from the big-ticket names.

The business started when master baker Sanet Eigelaar forsook teaching to pursue her passion in 2012. It was slow going, but through markets, cupcake sales in busy malls and an appearance on the Kokkedoor TV show, she soon gained a loyal following. So much so that she moved to larger premises at 37 Main Rd in 2016.

Decorated in muted tones of brown and beige, the handsome interior is predictably dominated by the flamboyant cake display.

But it’s the food that reigns. Breakfast and lunch are served Tuesdays to Saturdays. And lunch possibilities include wraps, sandwiches, beef patties, quiches, pies and salads. All with flavours that are reliably huge.

Ah, and then onto the cakes. These are belters. You eat until you think you’ve had enough. You put down your fork or spoon, only to pick it up again and have another go at the crumbs, until, oh dear, it’s all gone. There’s the intense chocolate cake, childlike glee in the carrot cake, a devilish vanilla and caramel fudge cake, zingy lemon meringue, shockingly seductive red and black velvet cakes and comforting cheese cakes. All this to the accompaniment of Truth coffees and a range of teas.

Cup of Cake truly delivers in bringing moments of edible joy. Book or order: 022 7140696,

Owners Sanet Eigelaar and Cat de Jongh.