Footprints along Churchhaven beach on South Africas West Coast at sunrise.


Atlantic Gull is a monthly publication celebrating life on the Western Seaboard and West Coast. It started in 2007 as a newsletter for Atlantic Beach Estate, but since 2012 it has evolved into a fully-fledged lifestyle publication for everyone on the West Coast.

We cover news from Blouberg to Bitterfontein and everything in between: stand-out places to go, thrilling adventures, bang-on eateries and restaurants, must-buy wines, getaway options that delight, the indigenous flora and fauna, recipes for local fare, as well as sage lifestyle advice.

The magazine is distributed to each home on several security estates: Atlantic Beach, Dune Ridge, Water’s Edge, La Paloma and Sunset Links. Homeowners on many high-end Bloubergstrand, West Beach, Waves Edge, Flamingo Vlei, Bloubergsands and Sunningdale roads also receive a copy, as well as batches to Starke Ayres Nursery, Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers outlets, Food Lover’s Market, coffee shops and a few hairdressers from Milnerton to Duynefontein.


The team

Publisher and editor Mariette Greyling holds a BComm (Hons) cum laude and was managing editor of specialist publications after her studies. She also owns and heads up brand management company Tomar Communications, which has been doing branding, design, website construction and design, corporate communications, newsletters, brochures, social media management and magazine publishing for corporates for more than 25 years.

DTP: Sean Spencer-Hicken does an outstanding job with the DTP and repro-ready artwork. He’s had 25 years-plus in the business.

Design: The design of the magazine was done by Richard Bates, a creative director with more than 30 years’ experience.

Distribution: Frank Mwale has been distribution manager for all areas barring Atlantic Beach Estate since 2013, while Austin Ng’omo has been distribution manager on Atlantic Beach Estate since 2015.



For advertising enquiries, please phone Mariette Greyling on 082 5667816.


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Mariette Greyling, Tomar Communications cc

West Beach, Bloubergstrand

C: +27 (0)82 5667816